Sunday, December 14, 2008

Power Blogging

It is now time for some serious power blogging to catch up. So buckle your seatbelts and prepared to be tired (just like me) after reading through my last four days.


Wednesday night we took Joshua and Ellie to get photos made with Santa here. They give you a free photo with Santa and you just can't beat that deal.

Josh informed me, upon arrival that this will be his LAST photo with Santa because he is "too old". I explained to him that I would not ask him again, but that I really wanted him to be in Ellie's first photo. He agreed, reluctantly and had one photo made. I am a very sad mama about this, but I understand. Here are their two photos from Ellie's first time with Santa and Joshua's last.

Ellie didn't cry at all. She leaned back, settled in and then promptly began to rub his beard while he asked me where she was from. We talked shortly and she stared at him and touched his suit and beard (which was real!!).


Ellie is eating more "table food". She has also learned a new trick. She can now eat her foot -- for those times we don't feed her quickly enough.

We had a WONDERFUL play date at our friend Kat's house. They brought Charlie home from Kyrgyzstan back in the summer and were there on their pick up trip while we were there on Trip 1. Kat made this incredible home cooked meal of meatloaf, new and sweet potatoes, green beans, and a yummy luscious chocolate pecan tipsy cake with ice cream. YUM again.

Charlie and Jia were dressed at pixie fairies when we arrived and I swear they were adorable. All three kids played so well together. I can't get over the difference in Charlie from the time he came home until now. He looks fantastic and is running around playing like a madman. His masculinity is not at all offended by wearing this fairy costume either. He and Ellie had a nice time "reuniting". Anybody know where I can get my hands on some of these Lego Primo Duplo blocks? Ellie loved them. We are so lucky to live in an area where there are currently three Kyrgyz children and hopefully more coming home soon!!

When I got to school to pick up Josh, I thought it odd that he had the "DARE" lion. In fifth grade at our school, the kids all go through the Drug Awareness Resistance Education program. As part of their "graduation", they have to write a one page paper on what they learned in DARE. Apparently, one member of each class graduated "with honors" and Josh was the one from his class. He got a DARE Lion, a medal, a pen, T-shirt, certificate and button. He was most proud of himself. His friend Braiden one in his class so I had two lions to bring home. When I went in to kiss Josh goodnight, he had "decorated" his room with his things and even had slept in his DARE t-shirt. Too sweet.


Saturday morning we went to Grandmother's nursing home for their Christmas
breakfast. Now, we don't move really fast or well early in the mornings -- especially if we all have to be somewhere. Imagine, then, needing to take sausage and biscuits (cooked fresh, of course), muffins, Christmas presents, a camera, two adults and a baby and leaving the house by 8 a.m. HA!!! We did manage to get there just in time for the start at 9 a.m.

Grandmother said at the end of the morning that it was the best Christmas she had had since her husband (my grandfather) died some 30+ years ago. I'm glad it was nice for her.

The nursing home had "The Grin*ch" and Santa with Mrs. Claus so Ellie had her photo made with them. Josh had fun hamming around with the camera as well. Here are photos from all that fun.

After our time at the nursing home, we came home to begin putting up the Christmas tree -- a task always done the weekend after Thanksgiving but because we were in Florida has been pushed a bit too far back for my liking. We got the tree up Saturday afternoon; Kevin and Josh got all the lights on Saturday night and it took until late Sunday night to get all the ornaments on. Ellie seemed to enjoy taking it all in. As normal, there was a cat under the tree before we finished putting it up. They love the tree.

After starting the Christmas decorations, it was off to a basketball game for Joshua, home and then out to make a photo memory book for my friend Dianne who was having a SURPRISE birthday party on Sunday afternoon. That took several hours to complete and I managed to purchase the "Death Ornament" (a separate post coming soon about that -- you are sure to enjoy that one!), get a few more Christmas presents while I waited for it to get finished.


Today was the surprise birthday party for my friend Dianne's 40th birthday. I spent the morning making mini brownies for the party and then went over to help set up. We had such a great time and she really was surprised. I took tons of photos for her and I can't wait to give them to her. We had a great time, and Ellie was a great hit since we got to see lots of people who haven't gotten to see her yet. I didn't get back home until around 6 this evening. We finished putting up Christmas decorations; terrorized the dogs with the reindeer antlers; Josh finished a States project that is due tomorrow (why not wait until the last minute -- wonder WHO he gets that from??), and then I have "power blogged" for the last hour. It is now time to GO TO BED as I'm tired.

I feel CERTAIN she was surprised.

Ellie trying to steal the show at the birthday party.

Kevin and Ellie filling the Advent calendar with goodies.

Bear with his reindeer hat on

Sunshine sporting her reindeer look.

So, as you can imagine, we are tired cookies around our house this week. I'm hopeful next week will be better.


Mom to 2 Angels said...

Wow, what a busy few days! I love all of Ellie's little Christmas outfits!

Anonymous said...

i just wanted to say we just got those Bass Pro Santa pictures too! ;)

i rarely do the Santa photo thing, and i tried to get 1 of the boys together but that didn't seem to be working out. so, we got individual ones but my younger one would NOT smile!!

we love Bass Pro!! :P

Written By Mary said...

Those were great pictures Maria. Ellie seems to really just enjoy this whole season. I'm really surprised she didn't freak on the Grinch...pretty scary looking I'd have to admit. Seems like it's pretty busy at your house. Ellie keeps getting cutier and cutier.
Mary Adair