Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas at the Grandparents

Tonight we had our Christmas with my parents. We had gone up to Kevin's mom's last weekend for a wonderful late lunch and spent time with her and her sisters.

Tonight, mom cooked for us and we opened presents!! Thank you for getting Joshua an ELECTRIC GUITAR. Yes, I know, it was what he wanted, but oy, won't that be fun? Now, I have to find someone to give him lessons.

Ellie got a blanket, bib, several tub toys and an Elmo telephone. She had a lot of fun -- it takes very little to entertain her.

We stopped by one of our friend's house and she had gotten Ellie a Precious Moment*s 30th Anniversary Bible. It's very cute, but I've told her we won't be letting her actually use it for a while.

There will be photos tomorrow. I'm off to bed!!

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