Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Crawling Training

Kevin was out of town this week for a night and Josh and I had a GREAT day at the local mall. We went to Build A Bear and Josh built a dog and Ellie "built" Hal and Hollie Moose. Josh's dog got an outfit. We decided Ellie's didn't need an outfit. During the process of making the animals, we selected hearts to "warm" and wish on before sticking them inside our creations. During our wish process, we wished that Ellie's Kyrgyz friends/babies would soon be able to come home to their forever families. We were excited to read some good news on the front when we got home. Apparently the President of the country indicates the needed paperwork will be completed after the holidays. Here's hoping LOTS of babies come home in early 2009.

He looks mortified, but it wasn't because he was there,
it was because I was taking a picture!!

Ellie and Josh give Hollie a "bath" after she is stuffed and sewed up

Josh enters all the data for his and Ellie's creations.

Josh also got some much needed new tennis shoes. He was so proud of them and wanted them to look really nice so he had me IRON the shoelaces when we got home. Sad part? I did.

Ellie got carried through the ENTIRE mall instead of riding in the lovely stroller the grandparents bought her. She did sleep in it, but that was it. Three hours of carrying her makes for some tired arms. *smile* Josh was a great help though, the entire day.

When we got home, Josh and I sat in the floor with Ellie and she worked on her "crawling". We call it her crawling training since she never got off her tummy. We took the following video for your entertainment. She is really working hard to get across the floor!

Thanks to our friends J. and E. who sent Ellie and Josh some goodies for the holidays. Ellie got a princess outfit, along with a book called Princess Baby and two Vikings onesies. Josh got a Vikings coozie and some Vikings tatoos. We were both surprised and grateful for the goodies!! THANK YOU.

Another thank you to fellow-mom and blog reader, Julie, who has sent Ellie some Primo Duplo blocks. Apparently during the TEN YEARS since Josh was a baby (ha!), they quit making Lego Primo Duplo blocks -- which is crazy because all kids love them. Ellie has thoroughly enjoyed the blocks! Thank you Julie!!

And, last but not least, my mother bought us some new ottoman's for the living room. They are the kind that have storage in them. We needed more storage for the toys that seem to be taking over our house so these were a great solution. We are moving out the large coffee table with pointy corners in fear that Ellie will hurt herself on them as she learns to cruise and walk. Long story short, Josh thought they made a GREAT place to put Ellie in to play. She also thought it was a GREAT idea because she could use the sides to push up and then stand up and laugh and "talk" to us. Here are the results of that fun activity. NO, we did not put the lid on.

Hey, this is pretty cool. I think I like this!!

This picture above was obviously too "lit" and too close, but her eyes were so prominent and pretty that I really liked the look. Note the drool running off her face. She is doing some serious drooling with her two teeth coming in.

Best news of the day -- WHOOPIE PIES have arrived from Elizabeth, Bill and Aidai in NH. Josh got his first one and he asked me why they were called Whoopie Pies. I told him it was because your mouth says, "Whoopie" everytime you get one. And yes, I have saved one for you, Jennifer!!


Kelli said...

She will be taking off in no time!

Jackie said...

Oh my gosh, look at her scoot across the floor. Go, Ellie :)