Monday, December 8, 2008

Bloggy Makeover for Christmas

Don't dismay if you find yourself not liking the new "look" (although I do -- it's like moving the furniture around every once in a while!!) as it is just my Christmas look. It's like I've put up a virtual Christmas tree for us all to enjoy while we wait for Santa. Now, lest anyone complain that I don't know the "true" reason for the season, I certainly do, but I think the concept of a friendly pleasingly plumb fellow in a red suit with a beard flying through the sky with his sleigh and reindeer and coming down my chimney to bring me presents is just priceless and I want in on that!!

So, enjoy the new look until it's time to move around the furniture once again, after the trees are taken down, the wrapping paper thrown away (or recycled!!) and the excitement of the holiday is over. Then I'll unveil another new look!! It's better than hair color, women!!


Julie W said...

Love your new Christmas blog look. My eyes say thank you very much. That white on black (and lite pink on black too) was rough on them.

Love the santa outfit. Looking forward to a photo of that new tooth!!

Mom to 2 Angels said...

I love the picture in the header! I've enjoyed changing mine up, too :)

Hilary Marquis said...

Love it! That header picture is absolutely precious. She's the best Christmas present you could've gotten, isn't she?

Lori said...

The picture is so sweet. VERY appropriate for Christmas!!!! :) What a blessing and a gift!