Sunday, December 21, 2008

Cheetahlicious Ellie

When we were in Kyrgyzstan, Jennifer took photos of Ellie in this outfit, but it was WAY too big for her (3-6 months). It now fits lovely and I must say, she was a cutie in this outfit. She wore it to Nana's house for Christmas festivities last night and was the hit of the aunts and uncles.

Excuse our crusty nose as we continue to battle a cold. While we were at the doctor's office on Friday, they weighed her again, and she is up to 15 pounds (yay!), so she continues to gain weight at a steady pace. Her hair is growing pretty rapidly as well and is now sticking up all over her head (no matter what I do). I comb it down after her bath and a little while later, when it drys, straight up. It's too funny.

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Kelli said...

Love, love love the outfit, especially with the hat!