Sunday, December 21, 2008

Just a few more Christmas pictures

These are from Friday's picture day when I tried (diligently) to get some good photos for the card. Cards will be mailed Monday -- yay. These are a few of the "better" ones since I shared the "less than desirable" ones on Friday.
Just cute ... what else can you say?

Pondering ... The only one where I think she is remotely looking at the camera.

Note the dog to her right.

He barks and pulls on the sleigh and moves himself around the floor. She loves him!

Really cute one of Josh. Green is a great color on him.

Playing with the yurt from her Kyrygyzstan Nativity.

Praise the Lord, are we almost done??

Josh puts her on his shoulders

The best one of the two of them together.

This is the reaction she gives to Joshua all the time. She thinks he is a RIOT!!

"Talk to the hand, brother!"

Exploring Santa. This is the Santa from "The Polar Express" and he "talks".
Ellie just laughs and hugs him everytime he talks.


Jackie said...

Great shots of both kiddos :)

Jeanne said...

Love ALL the pictures--I like the one of her sitting with all the stuffed toys the best.

Anonymous said...

Josh is so photogenic! But so is the Princess! Love the card!

Suzanne said...


Ellie looks just wonderful!!! Merry Christmas!