Thursday, December 25, 2008

Photos Only - Christmas Eve

Josh plays Santa
Uncle Stoney arrives

Ellie exploring her presents
Josh's "big" gift from MeeMee and DeeDee - an electric guitar

Cool guitar, huh?

Gonna' be a rock star, I'm certain!!
Maybe we can compromise with contemporary Christian star!

More of Ellie exploring her gifts

MeeMee's photo ornaments

Kevin's pen and pencil set

DeeDee gets shirts

Hanging out with MeeMee
Ellie and Josh both got letters from Santa
Ellie decided to eat hers
While Josh read his outloud to us

Prior to MeeMee and DeeDee's house, we stopped off to see our friend, Ms. Betty. She has really cool Hallm*rk musical toys that Ellie loved playing with. Her daughter Jonquil came by as well and Ellie enjoyed visiting with her too.

She was also presented with a Bible

That she promptly kissed.

It was a nice Christmas Eve. More stories and photos of Christmas and my birthday tomorrow. I'm off to bed!!

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Kelli said...

Looks like a fun Christmas eve!