Monday, December 8, 2008

First Tooth!! and Power Naps

This morning, I was rubbing around in Ellie's mouth (why???) and felt a little tiny edge of what I thought was a tooth. As the day progressed and I rubbed more, it became quite clear that it is her first tooth and by tonight, I could see it coming through her gums. I suspect the mystery of why her face was so red has now been solved.
While working the other day, I saw what we need to purchase to take Ellie around in. Here it is...

Here is a photo I found on my memory card from last week when Kevin took Ellie back to the doctor for her TB test results. I'm not so certain she was very happy about this look as she smiled in NONE of the pictures.

And last, I don't think I've blogged about Ellie's "Power Naps". We call them that because every morning between 8-9 there is a 15-30 minute nap. Then, in the afternoon, she has the second of her "power naps" between 4 and 5, again lasting 15-30 minutes. She usually takes a better nap around lunch time, lasting an hour - two hours. The Power Naps are just enough time to shower and get dressed in the morning or cook dinner in the evening, so I'm thankful for them, I suppose. Here are a couple of photos from this morning's power nap session.

Ellie's hair is starting to crack me up. Today after her bath, I didn't comb her hair down (actually I never comb/brush her hair -- there just isn't enough to bother with) and it has stuck straight up all day long -- kind of like a buzz cut all over. It's getting longer and darker, but not thicker. The little bald spot she came home with is almost completely gone now.

She has really begun to want "real" food. Thanks to my friend Heather, I bought her some Gerber Stage 3 diced apples and she has really liked them. She likes the "puff" snacks and dried apple pieces (also Gerber). If you are eating, there had best be something in her mouth too. We have started trying to "learn" how to use a sippy cup with handles for juice. Right now, she just gnaws on the mouthpiece, not really drinking. It will come with time. This is more for introduction right now. She continues to drink 8 ounces of formula about 4 times a day. My arms are starting to hurt if I have to hold her long periods of time. I have a muscle on my left arm. *sigh* If I could only lose some weight in the deal.

So, that's our Ellie update for now.

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