Saturday, December 15, 2007

Calling all Cameras

actofkindness Missions 1:27: Calling all Camera's

This gentleman does LOTS of missionary work and is currently collecting digital cameras, rechargable batteries, etc. to give to the orphanages in Kyrgyzstan (where Ellie will be from). Click the link above for full details, but if ANYONE has any of the items he mentioned and wanted to donate them, his address is provided. I'd also be glad to collect and ship a shipment of them to him.

Imagine -- having only two or three photos of yourself at age eight.

I am an adult adoptee. The one thing that brought me to absolute tears during my reunion period was finding baby pictures of me that I never knew existed (I was adopted at 22 months) and knowing that my son looked just like me when I was a baby. I'm tearing up even as I write this. There is something incredibly "void" in a person's life when you do not have baby photos. Imagine the joy for families who adopt these children and are able to have photos of their children as little babies -- feasibly from the time they enter the orphanage.

I RUIN every camera I have so the reason I upgrade is of sheer necessity. I have three hanging on the wall over in the kitchen and all are broken. I'm not sure WHY I'm keeping them. I will, however, probably purchase a battery charger and some memory cards to donate.

Blessings to all who read this and whose heart is moved to help! You could be providing the help to make sure I get baby photos of my Ellie.

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