Sunday, December 23, 2007

Surprise to Me!! Surprise to Kevin!!

Poor Kevin ... that's the most appropriate way to begin the story of what was my "surprise" birthday party.

Last night, Kevin and Joshua went to see National Treasure 2, Book of Secrets. I decided to stay home because my friend Susan told me she was coming to see me today. Knowing how HORRIBLE my house was and not being able to stand it anymore, I told them to go and I'd work on cleaning out the "junk" room, putting up Joshua's tree and cleaning the upstairs.

They came home and shortly after, Kevin said that he thought he'd eaten too much popcorn and that his stomach hurt. It went downhill from there. He ended up with some sort of virus and was very sick. I couldn't understand why he was leaning over the trashcan going, "This CANNOT be happening now." I tried to be re-assuring as I told him, "It's no big deal; it's just a virus. We don't have anything planned. You can just rest." HAHAHAHAHA Little did I know.

Today, I got up and got Josh and I ready for church and took all our goodies (it was class party day) as Kevin was still laying on the couch, looking pitiful. He said to me, "We need to talk when you get back." Still, nothing -- although I was curious about what he wanted to talk to me about.

When we returned from church, I told him I needed to run into town to finish up some last minute Christmas shopping and he blurted out, "Well, I have to go to Sams." I'm like, "What??? You can't get up, much less go to Sams. What is it? I'll get it for you." He said, "It's your birthday cake. I'm having you a surprise birthday party this afternoon." Well, surprise to me!!!!

So, the irony and fun was that I got to go to Sam's to pick up my own cake and got goodies/snacks too. Imagine my next surprise when I found out that "the girls" had already taken care of all the food. *smile* My freezer is now full of all kinds of hors douevres and goodies.

The next big surprise was for Sharon and Jennifer when I showed up at the party -- driving myself and with the cake. Apparently, Iris had not told them that I knew so when I drove up they were mortified. It was just one big laugh after another. No one can say my turning 40 was anything but a surprise and a laugh. Poor Kevin, he didn't even get to come to the party he planned for me.

We all had a nice time, though, with good food and good friends (wow, I sound like an Applebee's commercial). There were presents and cake -- my two favorite things -- so the party was a success in my eyes. *smile* Ellie even got some presents and she's not even here!!!

I'm glad to report that by the time we got home, Kevin was feeling a lot better. He slept pretty much all day. He was hungry when I got home, so he's surely on the mend.

The greatest story from his being sick is when I called home to ask a question while I was at Sams, I heard him saying, "Josh! Stop, quit!" I asked what was the matter and he told me, "Joshua is Lysol-ing me and the CAT!" That's my boy!!

My cake

Guess what I wished for???
My favorite kids: Joshua, Katie, Emily (aka Emilemilee) and Kirstin

The Girls - Back L to R: Dawn, Dianne, Jennifer and Iris
Front: Me and Sharon (she's next on the big "4-0" train)

My parents with me

Stoney and me

Me, Daniel, Susan and Katie (where was Dan??)
Thank you Kevin, for planning this surprise for me. I'm sorry you didn't get to come and have fun!!

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