Monday, December 3, 2007

Children's Christmas Production - Mystery in the Manger

"The name's Blonde, Jane Blonde"

I guess you would just have to been there to "get" those lines from the children's church production of "Mystery in the Manger" at church last night. Joshua and his "merry band of brothers (and sisters)" performed songs, choreography, drama, dancing and sign language during this one hour drama explaining who Jesus really is to reporter "Jane Blonde".

I was so proud of Joshua. He did really well singing, doing the movements and as the stage hand bringing in and taking out the manger. But, as he explained to me, "The manger could have walked in on it's four legs if it had been alive." WHAT????

Here are some of the photos from the night.

Singer extraordinaire

Stage hand (center - carrying the manger)

Blonde -- Jane Blond

In response to sdbees comment below: Yes, it was very well received. Our children's group had not done anything for several years and we had a great turnout. The kids enjoyed it and it was a great production. I didn't have an email or link for you so I hope you find this. Blessings!

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sdbees said...

I'm a music teacher for a small Christian school in San Diego, CA. My school performed the very sweet musical "The First Leon" this year, but I'm eyeing "Mystery of the Manger" for next year! Was it well received? Thanks Barbara