Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Purpose Driven Life Email on God's Timing

Each day I get a daily devotional from Purpose Driven Life.com. If you would like to subscribe, click here. Today's devotional was titled, "The Time Came for Her Baby." Since it is Christmas time, I assumed it was a devotional about Mary giving birth to Jesus, and, in a way it was.

The full devotional can be found in the archives. However, this was not your regular Christmas devotional. It was about God's timing. There was a nice story to share:

"God is always on time, at just the right time – George Mueller, the great prayer warrior from the 19th century, once waited on a dock for a special chair to be delivered. He had a bad back and needed the chair for the ocean voyage ahead of him. When the departure time grew close and the chair still had not arrived, Mueller’s friends offered to buy a substitute chair, but Mueller said no – “Either God will provide the chair, or he’ll give grace to do without it.” Like a Hollywood ending, the chair arrived just in time, right on time. Mueller noted, “If the chair had arrived earlier, we might have dismissed the provision of God.” This Christmas, point out the provisions of God when you see them."

There was another section that struck me personally. It said:

"What if you were certain God would provide? – How would you act, think, and live differently if you were absolutely certain God was at the end of the deadline? That is, even if there were mere seconds left, you still believed with certainty that God was working through your circumstances? Believing he’s there and about to provide is the essence of faith. Tell God, “I believe; help my unbelief.”

I sat in church on Sunday and struggled with this thought in regards to the adoption. I have periods of time when I really want 1000% to believe it will all work out and that God will give us all we need to complete this adoption. Then Satan pokes his nasty little head in and says, "Don't get too confident. What if you get to the referral and something goes wrong? What if you wait, in faith, until the last minute and God doesn't provide." I literally had to tell Satan to leave my head Sunday during the service.

And then, today, this came. TELL GOD, "I believe; help my unbelief."

God is good to always provide me with the support and encouragement when I need it. Why would I think He would do less in other areas of my life?


Amy said...

Isn't it amazing how God ALWAYS gives you what you need. I read a daily devotional called "Jesus Calling" and it is always just exactly what I need for that day.

God bless,
Amy Hood

TheHappyNeills said...

Hi, I'm a mom with 2 young bio kids, and we are adopting 2 from Kyrgyzstan. Thank you for sharing your heart here. It is encouraging. Feel free to stop by our blog and leave a comment!