Monday, December 31, 2007

Thank you for Giving to the Lord

We had such a beautiful song sung at church Sunday -- "Thank You for Giving to the Lord." I was so moved just as I am every time I hear this song, knowing that this side of heaven, we have no idea what our actions really can mean. We have no idea how God can take what little we do and turn it into something magnificent. I have been blessed to be able to see His effects on my life through all the turns and twists that I went through as a baby to come to the home and parents that I now have.

I came home to search for a video of this and was amazed again by God when the video I choose to watch (out of many on YouTube) was one with photos of people who are Asian. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did. As I watched this video I realized just how my viewpoints on life have changed. I want, so desperately, for God to use me, to change lives. I want to fully give myself to Him to do great things. I just can't imagine knowing the needs in today's world and not wanting to DO something about it. But for the grace of God go I.

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