Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Ellie's First Ornaments

When I was pregnant with Joshua I bought ornaments for the tree for his first year and every year since then we've gotten him an ornament that represented something during that year of his life. He has so many now that he has his own tree each year.

On Monday night, while we were out, we got two ornaments for Ellie.

I collect Snowbabies, so the first ornament was a tiny Snowbaby sleeping, holding a small pink blanket with the words Little Blessing. We have worked SO HARD to get her here. 2008 ... that's going to be her year to come home!!

Joshua found the other ornament. We were at Bath and Body Works and he found a tiny lamb. Since we plan to do her room in a Lamb theme, we got it, along with the BIG one (who appears more the size of a pig than a lamb) for her room.

The lambs are SO soft! I know Ellie will love them. Joshua has hung the ornaments on the tree.

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