Thursday, December 13, 2007

Joshua's Room

We decided that Josh had so much stuff in his room sitting around that we really were going to have to do something about it. Getting rid of it all wasn't an option as a lot of it was sports trophies, medals, bears from Build-a-bear and so on.
So we decided to add some shelves on the walls. We had gotten a $10 coupon from Lowes in the mail and Kevin's mom gave us another one, so off we went to Lowes in search of some shelving.

Kevin and Joshua put them up together. I'm so glad that Joshua has a dad who will take the time to show him how to do things. I know sometimes it would be easier to just do it himself, but he is always willing to take the time to show him how to use tools, the proper way to use them, how they work and what to do to make sure they are level and centered. He has done this since Joshua was little. Imagine my surprise this summer when Joshua knew all about the mower, how to hook up the trailer and how to start the mower. Now, he is a "Power Tool King" like his dad. Kevin doesn't realize that some woman is going to be SO GLAD one day when Joshua knows how to hang her pictures on the wall. *smile*

Each of the four shelves they hung became it's own "themed" shelf. There is a Vikings shelf, a Home Depot shelf, a trophy shelf and a baseball/soccer shelf. Josh has left one area to put his Vikings football after he gets a case for it. It all looked nice when it was done. It's so nice to have the things off the floor and to be able to see the top of the dresser again.

Notice the cat -- this is Joshua's cat, Little Kitty, and he LOVES to sleep on Joshua's bed

One of the things that is most special to Joshua is his stuffed "Kitty". We've had to replaced several of these when Bear (our dog) was younger as we'd come home and find eyeballs and stuffing all through the house where he would rip it apart. We've had this one for several years now as Bear seems to have lost interest. Kitty has gone on all the trips we have and continues to reside in Joshua's bed. *ssshhhh* Don't tell though -- Joshua would be embarrassed.

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