Thursday, December 6, 2007

Time to "Step off the Ledge"

Today, Kevin and I made the decision to sign the contract for our interim adoption -- to take a huge leap of faith, knowing we don't have all the funds to complete it yet -- to step off the ledge (our own comfortable place) and expect the bridge (God's provision) to be there. We plan to mail our packet off Monday. More about what all that means later.

PRAY for us. *smile*


Johnda said...

I too worry about the funds, but we have to trust in God to provide not only the money for our adoptions but everything we need in life. I know I am human and begin to worry about the money. And sometimes I need someone to say..God will provide! I get blessings all the time. I am in the housing business too, I'm a Realtor. And with housing marketing going slow and this time of the year, Usually I am VERY slow. But God has been so good to my family. We needed a certain amount of money by next week..And he has provided it through a sale of a home..So, I just keep telling myself God put his on our hearts, he will provide! Good is good no Great!


Anita said...

Ok my when are you going to spill the beans about where and what agency?? :) Email me!!