Thursday, December 13, 2007

My Secret Pal ROCKS - The Lathams

Today I was sitting on the couch (looking like something the cat drug up mind you) when the mail lady comes to the door with a package. Had she not SEEN me, I would have hid I looked so bad! BUT... she had a package so I ignored my horrible looking self and opened the door to get it.
It was from my Secret Pal -- Jennifer. I'm sorry I have NO PATIENCE for packages so I immediately ripped into it. Granted, I had the forethought to photograph it first, during and after. The packages themselves were beautiful.

I was stopped short by this little label:
For: Ellie - She is real -- she's getting presents. *smile* I just looked at it for a long time. And then, I got past it and ripped it open!! Jennifer had sent a lovely doudou from Kaloo, a Vietnamese book called Ten Mice for Tet, and a Siev pull along Sheep.

There was another present for Joshua so I controlled myself and waited to take it to him when I picked him up from school. Being much like his mother, he immediately ripped into the package.
Now, let me pause here to say, either Jennifer did some research, or the person matching us up did some hard thinking OR God just had a great time with this BECAUSE, Joshua got Minnesota Vikings hat -- a "real" one from someone who lives in Minnesota!!!! For those of you who don't know, Josh's football team (since he was 6) has been the Vikings! He was just on cloud nine and promptly told me that I'd have to take his picture with his hat and his new Vikings backpack.

Here's Joshua's reaction:

Thank you so much, Jennifer for remembering Joshua. It makes him feel special and not left out.

I'm remiss to admit I have not mailed yours yet. It will come in two packages. I will mail the one from my house out tomorrow.


Jennifer is adopting from Vietnam. You can visit her blog here.

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