Saturday, December 1, 2007

The Last 30 of my 30s

Well, I'm well into my last thirty days as a "thirty-something" (anyone remember that show??). I've spent a lot of time over the last year in angst about 40. I think I mentally went ahead and hit 40 at 39 so now 40 probably won't be so bad. I don't FEEL 40, so how can I be??? I don't LOOK 40 (NO comments on this one, ok???) so how can I be???

But, it is just a number on a scale of years that God has blessed me. I am not privy to know how far along the lifeline this number sits, but I know that if the next 40 are as wonderful as the first 40, I will be blessed out of my mind.

So... what will I do with my last 24 days of "thirty-dom"??

  • Attent a football banquet for Joshua

  • Attend a Christmas production for Joshua and Kevin at church

  • Attend a Christmas play at church

  • Attend Joshua's school production of the Chipmunks song (I'm REALLY not clear on this one)

  • Work at the Santa shop at school

  • Work in the field inspecting homes and completing paperwork and begin to do QA again

  • Begin (again) an adoption process with my hubby from a country and agency that we will share with everyone at some point in the future

  • Begin developing a funding plan for this adoption and prayer for God's blessing on it and us in our efforts to bring Ellie home in 2008. I have faith in my heart that this is going to be our year.

  • Christmas shop with my friend Susan

  • Visit my 80 year old grandmother (and friends) at the nursing home and know that I'm half way to her age

  • Attend Kevin's Christmas party

  • Lead my final Beth Moore class at church

  • Enjoy Christmas break with Joshua (which will hopefully include our annual trip to Opry Mills for a day of fun and movies)

  • Take Joshua to Phillips Toy Mart (a place he's REALLY wanting to go)

  • Enjoy Christmas Eve candlelight service at church

  • Be thankful that God, in His ultimate wisdom, chose His Son to be born so that I could be with Him forever.

  • Be thankful that I can share Jesus's birthday (my birthday is Christmas day and while I know this probably is not His REAL birthday, I can enjoy that this is when we celebrate it)

  • Enjoy opening the Advent calendar with Joshua every day.

  • Enjoy Santa Claus for another year

  • Begin taking Joshua to basketball practice

  • Wait for Michelle to have her baby (on Christmas Day, of course)

  • Mail packages to my sister and niece in Florida

  • Mail Christmas cards
  • Enjoy a "Girls Night Out" Christmas event
  • Study the Bible

  • Read books with Joshua

  • Watch TV some

  • Read blogs and research adoption and email and call blog friends

  • Cook meals, clean house, wash clothes, feed cats, feed dogs

  • Love my family

  • Laugh, cry, pray, love

AND HOPEFULLY, eat at the Waffle House on my birthday night. It's been a tradition for YEARS!!! and I love it. Anyone who wants to join us, let me know. It's great fun!

WHEW, I'll feel 40 after that, won't I? And, I wouldn't trade a minute of all of that to be younger than 40 for a day!

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Anonymous said...

Of course you don't look a day over 29! That would make me 12 but that's ok! Mary had a baby on Dec. 25 and she was probably 12 or so! I'll just be glad to have him before Jan. 1!