Monday, December 31, 2007


Ok... so this was priceless.

Last night we were in the car and Joshua was trying, once again, to pop his ears. I suppose his sinuses are in a jam because he's all the time trying to "pop his ears". The feel full, he says.

So, I say, "Joshua, are your ears stopped up again."

He says, "Yes, everytime I get near water they stop up." Huh??? We were passing a pond.

Then he says, "When I stick my fingers in my ears, my eyes sweat."

After a one second pause, both Kevin and I burst into laughter. It hurt his feelings, but, gosh, it was just so funny!!

Then, this morning, he lost a tooth. I went over to see "the hole" that he wanted me to see. He had said, "Well, thank goodness I have two holes in my mouth now." Huhhhh???

When I couldn't see another "hole", I asked where it was. He ran his tongue around his mouth and then proclaimed, "I guess the hole grew in." Ahh.....

Josh-isms -- a daily breath of fresh air.

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