Sunday, December 9, 2007

Our weekend

Ok, so I have NO PHOTOS from the weekend, but we had a nice time going to Kevin's mom's house for our Christmas dinner (man, that woman can cook!!!). We went to church this morning and then went back to watch the Christmas drama this evening. It was really good.

We worked on our application to our new agency. I hope to be able to mail it off mid-week. I need to whip by the Vital Records and get a copy of our marriage license (to get the number off it!!!), stop by BCS to drop off the papers to get our home study update in process and figure out when/how we need to get our fingerprints renewed. I need to print photos of all of us to send in with the application and then, I think we are ready. And that's just the application. *smile*

Our understanding is that once we sign the contract and pay the initial fee, we will be "on the list" awaiting a referral. We will then begin to gather all the documents they need for our "official" dossier. We should expect a referral in under 6 months. Children are referred as young as 3 months of age. We will then travel for 10 days to Kyrgyzstan for visitation with Ellie. Unfortunately, we will then return home for 6 weeks before we return to pick her up. Only one parent is required to travel for the second trip. We would like for all of us to go to pick her up. We will see how that goes. Estimated time for completion of adoption for this program from this country is under 8 months.

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Johnda said...

Sound like you are on the paper chase :) We have a black bag we have all of our paper work in...we call it our diaper bag!! So, we are practing saying "get the diaper bag" :)
I have been trying for 3 weeks to find out the status of our I171H, they told me 2 weeks ago only thing they needed was our updated HS, I just received an email they have 60 days to determine that...grrrrrr

Good luck!!!