Monday, March 2, 2009

26 Things - "A"

Over the next month I'm going to do a piece each day on the 26 "Alphabet" things I love most about Joshua and Ellie -- leading up to the big 1st birthday. Sort of reminiscent of the countdown I did until we traveled to pick up Ellie.

Athleticism. Before I had Josh I knew nothing about sports. I still don't, in all honesty, but I know there is nothing I like better than watching Josh play sports. He's played soccer, beginning at age 4 and has gone through soccer, basketball, baseball (with his first grand slam when he was 5) and football (with his first Superbowl at age 11). He loves every sport he plays and tries hard and does well. I have an entire wall upstairs devoted to the photos I've taken of him through the years playing sports. And while I never played sports (and still don't), I can watch him out there, giving 100% to everything he tries, having a great time and taking his responsibilities so seriously.

Adorable. I love the fact that Ellie is such a cute little bug. Granted, I had nothing to do with her genetic makeup, and that just doesn't matter a "hill of beans" to me. She is so very cute. There are days I catch myself looking at her and going, "Well, isn't she just adorable?" She'll flash that little smile at me or poke her head around her daddy's shoulder to see where I am and my heart melts. She giggles at pretty much everything and the sound of her laughter at her big brother Josh is another adorable thing. Her complexion is so beautiful as well -- just like Josh's, olive and smooth. I just want to eat her up with a spoon and be just so very proud of the young man he is becoming.

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The Stahnke's said...

I wanted to let you know I sent you an email. I'm not sure how often you check them but I didn't want to leave all my information on your blog. Let me know what your ideas are for your visit to Ohio. I will try to make whatever is best for you possible. My schedule is flexible, but my daughter's schedule and my husband's are a different story. So if it just ends up being me and Andrew will do something. Talk to you soon.

P. S. I hope your contiuning to feel better!!