Tuesday, March 31, 2009

I'm Such a Wimp

I just popped over to the former private blog I kept while we were waiting for Ellie, getting referral, traveling and such. I had not been there in months, and I thought I'd go back down memory lane for a moment. I am such a wimp. I sat there reading it and crying. CRYING for Pete's sake. It's just such a beautiful story and such a testament to God's faithfulness. So many things I'd forgotten about -- like the double rainbow that appeared over the baseball field the night before we left. Ironically, it seems to me now that God was telling me He would not only keep His promise to us not just once, but twice. Having the dream about Ellie the night she was born -- amazing. Our journey across the world, our first moments and pictures with Ellie, the photos of Josh holding Ellie when she was so very tiny, the photos and comments I wrote about the other adoptive parents who were at Tokmok and took photos of Ellie -- the families whose babies are still waiting and who haunt my thoughts multiple times every single day.

Adoption has changed my life so much. But, I'm still a wimp.

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Shannon said...

You're not a whimp at all - just a Mom who loves her children more than anything in the world!