Saturday, March 14, 2009


A small hiatus from the letter of the day, but continuing on -- even if it takes me the rest of the year to get it done.

Josh wants everything in life to be fair, or just. I try repeatedly to explain to him why it just isn't that way and how we are supposed to live our lives based on what God tells us and not on how others behave. It's a hard lesson for him because of his sense of what's fair and what ought to be. I wish, so much, that life were fair for him and that he didn't have to ever learn about how unfair life can be. But, the reality is that we live in a world filled with sin and things will not ever be "just" and fair and right here. I am thankful, however, that he knows the One who will eventually make all things right and fair and that he is "justified" in Him.

"Jelly Belly", Jovial
One of Ellie's nicknames is "Jelly Belly" -- not that she really has a jelly belly, we just think it's cute -- Jelly Belly Ellie. I'm certain as a teen this will not go over well. I also call her "Pie", as in, "Hi Pie!" or "Puddin' Pie" and "E" and "EB - short for Ellie Belly". And, of course, the girl is definitely jovial. She is usually just cheerful as can be!

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