Thursday, March 12, 2009


"I" obviously skipped the letter I last night so now, tonight I suppose I need to do "I" and "J" to keep on schedule. Oh well -- to heck with schedules. Here's "I" for ya!

Interesting, Intelligent, Irreplaceable, Inventive

Josh keeps me hopping every single day with the "interesting" conversations we have. I have to be on my toes because I never know what he is going to come up with. This is relative to the fact that he is definitely intelligent, inquisitive and inventive. He is always coming up with these great ideas that make me think, "How can an 11 year old come up with those ideas?" He would be a great "inventor". But, most of all, he is irreplaceable to us. We love him so very much!

Inquisitive, Irreplaceable, Incredible Blessing, Independent

Miss "I-Do-It-Myself" is definitely independent. I bought her some jammies a while back (size 2T I think so you won't see them for a while) from Old Navy that say "Miss Independence". Perfect fit for the girl who wants to do everything on her own and gets angry if she can't. She is also very inquisitive and wants to know everything you are doing, eating, where you are, how things work -- everything. It's amazing to watch her -- and tiring to keep up with her. She is also the most incredible blessing from God. We are so blessed to have this wee one in our lives; and like Josh, she is also irreplaceable.

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