Tuesday, March 10, 2009


"Hey!" blog readers!! I'm loving this alphabet theme, if for nothing more than giving me some "headings".

I'm sitting here watching the taped version of Americ*n Id*l and watching the bio of Lil R*unds. I just LOVE her and she can really sing!! And how about Danny Gokey? Hotchawowow what a performance. I can't wait to see all of tonight's show because I just LOVE pretty much all of the performers!!

Headful of Hair, Helpful, Handy

Josh has always had a lot of hair on his head. It is so full and grows so quickly that we are constantly trying to get it "in order". But, I am thankful that he has great hair!! He is also turned into a very helpful guy with Ellie and around the house since Ellie came home. And, probably the best "H" word for him is handy. He is such a handiman type of guy. He can fix anything around the house, he puts together these huge Lego sets that make me shake my head. He can put together pretty much anything out of a box and this has been quite "helpful" to me on many occasions. When we get something that requires being put together and Kevin isn't home, Josh can usually always get it together before I can read the directions.

Happy (well, most of the time), Healthy, Headstrong

Ellie is (normally) one of the happiest little girls I've ever seen. However, lately, as she's been sick and now seems to be getting about 100 teeth at once, she's most UN-happy. I love the fact that she is normally so "happy-go-lucky" and smiling, despite her difficult start. She is also been blessed with pretty much great health. We are so blessed that she was deemed healthy after our initial thoughts that she was not a healthy baby. And, we are happy that she is getting over her cold/viral infection/ear infections. And last, the girl is unbelievably* headstrong. She knows what she wants and just doesn't stop to get it. Every day I see her climbing over things, going under things commando style and throwing a hissy fit when she is on her way to something she wants. It's going to be interesting watching this little one grow up.

And, here are a couple of photos from today. I was doing something when Mary (Kevin's mom) told me to look at Ellie. Well, lo and behold, she was laid down on the floor with a blanket watching "Super Why" like she was a big girl.

And here is what Josh took on today -- reorganizing all his baseball and football cards. He has a bazillion of them!!

And last, but definitely the most important part of this post: "HAPPY" birthday to sweet little Cora who is celebrating her first birthday in heaven with Jesus. Visit her parent's blog to read how they celebrated her first birthday. Hug your child a little tighter today in honor of Cora, ok?

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