Monday, March 2, 2009


Best Big Brother

I am constantly amazed as I watch Josh interact with Ellie. I worried for a long time that there would be deep-seated jealousy and that he would either ignore Ellie or just be snippy. Boy, were my fears unfounded. Just the other day when I was leaving to take Ellie to a party, he called from the other room, "Wait!" and came flying through the house. Why? To kiss Ellie bye. When she comes home after being away from him, he kisses her. If he thinks we are being too "mean", he fusses at us. He wants to play with her, carry her and will occassionally even change a diaper -- wet, of course. He can make her laugh on cue. She watches him constantly. She climbs on him, lays on him, pokes him, plays with "his" stuff -- all to the delight of Josh. Josh is the perfect brother. Ellie is so very lucky to have him. Granted, he is lucky to have her as well.


Black -- beautiful black hair and eyes

Each day I notice Ellie's hair is getting darker and darker. While it started out a nice light shade of brown, it continues to get more black. She has the most beautiful hair and the darker it gets the more it defines the beauty of her face. And those eyes . . . they are like liquid pools of ink that you can dive into they are so black. She has the most beautiful eyes in the world, I think. I wish I had her eyes. And, while I know this doesn't seem like much about Ellie, it is what I love most about her with regards to "B".

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