Tuesday, March 3, 2009

One "Flu" Over the Cookoo's Nest -- The Rest just Flu

I am the one who "flu" over the cookoo's nest. I landed in it and squirmed around a while. We have been SO incredibly sick at our house for the last two weeks. First, I got the flu. Then, when I went to the doctor last Friday, I had double ear infections. Come Saturday, Kevin came down with what the "doc in the box" diagnosed as sinusitus, but he also commented he was perplexed why his fever was so high (103). Turns out we think Kevin had the flu too because his symptoms have followed the same path as mine did.

THEN... yesterday, Ellie got a fever and Josh felt hot. Today, we took E. to the doctor and she has a bad cold that we just have to "wait out". Josh says he doesn't need to go to the doctor, but he is "very tired". I suspect (strongly) he has a cold too.

I'm beside myself with exhaustion, being overwhelmed and tired. I know Kevin is exhausted too. Ellie is so clingy when she is sick. He is sleeping in the chair right now with her asleep on him. The nights have been hard and up and down a lot.

Pray for us.

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