Wednesday, March 4, 2009


"C is for Cookie; that's good enough for me. Cookie, cookie, cookie starts with C." ~ Cookie Monster, Sesame Street



Last night when we were contemplating whether Ellie was going to need to go to the emergency room for her fever and cough, Josh got very upset. I told him I could call MeeMee and he could stay home and he said, "NO! I want to go." Then he went and got his very special "Kitty" that he's had since he was little and gave it to Ellie. He did it again this morning before he left for school. He is such a caring kid. Hid behind all that "boy bravado" and "big talk" is the heart of a a sweetie. I see this regularly and I am SO PROUD of him when he does things like this. It makes my heart melt.



So, yesterday Josh's was longer. Today it's Ellie's turn. She is such a charmer and has such charisma. Even at a mere 7 months, she knew how to "work a room" and still does today. Her personality is just so sunny.

But even more than that, she is a courageous little one. I am amazed that after all she has gone through in less than a year, she is the well-adjusted (charming) little one that she is. She has left her birth mom, moved to an orphanage, survived there, travelled across the world with relative strangers to start over in a place where nothing (including the language) is the same and yet continues to smile through the days. There is a lesson in there for me, I think.

And, by the way, Ellie is not coping well with her cold. She ran a pretty high fever most of the night and she and I "slept" (I use that term VERY loosely) on the couch together. She whined, moaned and cried pretty much all night. Her cough seems to have gotten worse and she sounded pretty wheezy this morning. We are going back to the doctor this afternoon for a follow-up. Her fever broke a little while this morning and she let me set her down for the first time in over 16 hours. I took the opportunity to vacuum quickly, clean myself up, get clothes on, give her a bath and get her dressed. I was moving fast considering I'm operating on about three hours of broken up sleep. I'll be honest: this is definitely the part of parenting I don't like -- when they are sick.


Lori said...

I hope you and she are feeling tip top again soon! Your house needs to be HEALTHY again!!!!

The Stahnke's said...

Sounds like things aren't getting much better. There is nothing worse then a sick baby. I hate to say it but Andrew is the biggest baby when he is sick. He wants everyone to be as miserable as him I think. Thank goodness he has been pretty healthy since the RSV issue we had. Last winter he seemed like he caught everything. The poor things, they have to build their immune to all the different things here. Hopefully everyone will get over this thing soon.


Ivy Lee said...

I remember how sweet Josh was in Tokmok when you first met Ellie. I remember him not wanting to give her up when it was his turn to hold her. He absolutely adores his little sis. So sweet.

Sorry to hear Ellie is sick. We just went through a month of that nasty stuff. It seemed we kept passing it back and forth to each other for several weeks.

Hang in there. I hate that part of mommyhood too.

Jackie said...

I hope Ellie gets better quick. Poor thing, and poor mommy. Rest when you can, and hopefully things are looking better today.

Dee'Anna said...

I am praying for Ellie to get better. Just remember night times are the worst!!! Let me know if I can do anything!

Shannon said...

So sorry to hear Ellie is sick - our son is going through the same thing. Hang in there, they get healthy as fast as they get sick! Whenever we have a difficult night, I remind myself how all the waiting families would do anything to be awake all night with their sick child, and it makes everything easier.