Thursday, March 12, 2009

Loungewear? For Infants? Who Knew . . .

Loungewear: informal clothing
usually designed to be worn at home;
clothing suitable for relaxation;

Who knew that infants could have loungewear? Well, apparently they do. While shopping at the consignment sale, I bought Ellie some "loungewear". It said so -- right there on the tag. And then, when I checked out, everyone was telling me how much I'd love this particularly brand and how their kids had it and loved it. Again, who knew?

Let me tell you, if I could get any of this particular "loungewear" in adult sizes, I'd be all over it -- well, in this case, all in it. It's a silky, stretch fabric that made Ellie cackle when we rubbed it on her skin. There is a video if I can get it to upload. She is so much like her brother in liking "silky" things. *smile*

In the meantime, here are some photos of Ellie in her "loungewear". I really wanted one of her on a chaise lounge by the pool, talking on her pink cell phone with a glass of ice tea beside her, but, alas, she was not agreeable to all the work involved. *smile*

This is how Ellie sits all the time -- one leg stuck out and one behind her. Here, she is "phoning a friend", I suppose.

Check out this toothy grin -- lopsided as it is. She seems to be enjoying her loungewear.

Hanging out on the counter.

Discovering a tomato

Trying to eat a tomato

Putting it back down -- not so sure about the tomatoes yet.

And, last we have my big "FIND" at the consignment sale: a Gabiano romper, monogramed no less, with an "E", half price, $2.50. Regular retail on this item is around $44 -- not that I would have EVER paid that, but still a great bargain. I also got a cool hair clip with matching colors for $1.50. Entire ensemble: $4.00!! I'm going to get it washed up and let her wear it ASAP!!


Rachel said...

Scarlett was totally wearing her loungewear today. Looks so comfy!

Kelli said...

Ellie is one stylin' chick!

Lori said...

Oh my gosh!!!! So cute...and the romper with the "E"---OBVIOUSLY made for her!!!