Friday, March 20, 2009

Ellie -- Trying Again with the Flowers ...

I give up ... I keep trying to take "just the right photo" of Ellie outside in the flowers and it just isn't working. I think it's the photographer because the subject is so darn cute. Thing is, she moves so fast that by the time I get the shot ready, she's just not there anymore. *smile*.
So, here we go again.

AND... big news on the pregnancy front (not mine!!): my friend, Lori is going to have a baby -- and possibly two. Check out her blog!! Congrats to you, my dear, dear friend!!!

Miss Fashionista, pondering the fate of the world while chewing on her sunglasses:

I'd put them on; she'd take them off.

Look at her looking out over her glasses. What a riot!!

Put them on; take them off; over and over and over.

I thought she looked like she was praying here. Actually, she was probably clapping; it's her favorite, favorite, favorite thing to do! She does it, laughing the whole time, ALL the time.

Happy exploring ...

My FAVORITE PHOTO!!! The wind was blowing through her hair, the sun was over her shoulder; she threw her hands up in the air and just closed her eyes and laughed out loud. It was priceless!!

More exploring in the yard ...
Just happy -- have you EVER seen a baby this happy all the time?? Well, except at bedtime, that is.
In the last day or so, she has begun to "wave". There are no words with the "wave", it's pretty random, but it's obvious that's what she's doing. We've "waved" her hand for her for so long, I guess she decided to try it out.


Kelli said...

Love these pictures and the pictures from the other day. I love seeing all of the pics of Josh when he was little too!

Lori said...

I'm loving all the pictures too! I also especially love the one where she's 'praying' and the one where she's just blissfully throwing her hands up in glee! Sooo cute!

Hey--what kind of camera do you have? Does it have the continuous shot feature? Not that it's the same, but whenever we try to take pictures of the dogs, the only way I can is just to put that feature on, shoot-shoot-shoot and shoot some more...I'll shoot about 400 and get maybe 5!

Thanks for the shoutout for RFBF! I'm just amazed and overwhelmed at how many people are excited about them! It makes it even more exciting for me!!!

PS--I LOVED "Hey, looks like those shots paid off!"

I'm serious...I might just have to look into manufacturing!

Marcy said...

Awww, Maria, those pictures are SO cute!!! She looks so happy!

LaLa said...

So beautiful!!!! Great job Mammarazzi!

Did you go to lunch on Sat?

Suzanne said...

So adorable!!!!!!!!