Sunday, March 8, 2009


No, I have not posted any "real" photos in quite a while. I can't TELL you how crazy things have been at our house. Three visits to the pediatrician and one to Vanderbilt's Radiology department in one week along with no sleep and a cranky baby left me little to no time to do anything and no desire to take photos. Hopefully, since the upcoming week is spring break, I'll be able to get some cute pix of both Josh and Ellie.

However, my mother in law showed up yesterday to help and I managed to bleach/mop all the downstairs floors, clean the downstairs bath, wash about 12 loads of laundry (no lie, and there is more) -- which included all our bed sheets, all our pillows, all blankets and obviously pretty much all the clothes we had. I did have one load of consignment clothes in there, but still ... a LOT of laundry going on at our house. I got most of Ellie's clothes hung up and started working on Josh's room before I fell out.

Today I worked at the consignment sale again during most of the day and after "blogging" here I've got a TON of paperwork to get done. Ellie seems quite restless tonight and I'm hopeful that it's not going to be a hard night for her.

I did get a few pix of Ellie in her new "car" -- some of them with her looking at her card that Nana brought for her. Josh, being older, got a card AND a cookie -- YUM!! I was told, however, that I could not take a photo of him. *sigh* Since baseball practice has started, maybe I can get some of him at practices soon. I'm ready for warm weather and baseball!!

These are some photos of Ellie after I got her ready to go to the ballpark to watch Josh's baseball practice. As luck would have it, she fell asleep on the way there and slept the entire time we were there and until right after she got home. Maybe her tiredness explains these "joyful" photos of a very unhappy Princess.

I got this cute little outfit a LONG time ago (January 27, 2008, as a matter of fact) in South Carolina while I was on a "fundraising" trip. It's so great to FINALLY see her in it. She was terribly cute, even if her hissy fit wasn't.

It was cool to read the Bible verse I had on that day's post:

Jeremiah 32:27
"Behold, I am the LORD, the God of all flesh:
is there any thing too hard for me?"

And AGAIN, He has proven Himself faithful by reminding me that even back in January 2008 when I was working hard to get her home and praying for her and buying clothes that I only hoped she'd one day wear, He was in control and preparing us for her and her for us. She was a mere three months away from being born -- "the God of all flesh". Amazing God!


AND NOW, on to "F"


Fearless * Finicky (Eater) * Funny * Fervent

fervent: adjective: showing ardent or extremely passionate enthusiasm.

I think the words "Fearless" and "Fervent" definitely go together for Josh. He is extreme about everything in life. He is passionate about things that matter to him. I'm happy to have a child who is passionate about things. He is also a terribly finicky eater (much to my disappointment some days), and getting him to eat a vegetable is almost like nailing jello to the wall. He is funny too. He comes out with the funniest things sometimes (aka "Josh-isms") just out of the blue. I'm not certain he even means to be funny sometimes.


Fabulous * Feline Fanatic * Flitting

Of course "the girl" is FABU!! Aren't all girls? *smile* She is also crazy about the cats. You all have seen the videos. She's the cat whisperer. I suspect this came from me. *smile*. I am so happy that she likes the cats and that they seem to like her as well. She is also a "flitter" who moves from place to place very quickly and is usually into everything she can get into as quickly as she can get into it. She is so curious about everything, soaking it all in like a sponge.

Ellie also got a package in the mail on Friday from her bud, Anara. It's the coolest shirt that says, "Warning, girl with a Crown!" If you want to see what it looks like, click over here. Hopefully, we can get a picture with her in it soon.

Ellie also got the coolest "care package" from her friend, A. from up in NJ. She got two dresses, a talking globe, a COOL wooden decorated box/chest that we have put on her changing table to hold her stuff, and some other goodies. What a surprise and a COOL gift!! Thank you, M & P and A.!!! We love you guys.

And .... I think that catches us up for now. I hope.

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