Saturday, March 28, 2009

Blog Baby

After the excitement with the spiders and dropping Jennifer off, I headed to the Dollar General for a few things (since we skipped Walmart) and ran into my friend, Nova, who works there. She came up and said, "Oh, look, it's blog baby!" (Blog Baby was asleep at this point and in her car seat.) Oh, and a compliment to the young man who was working in Dollar General who saw me with a carseat, left his register, and came over and got a cart out for me! Anyway, I thought it was a riot that Nova (and her entire family apparently), calls Ellie "Blog Baby". She said her husband came home the other night from the baseball park and told her, "I saw blog baby!"

Nova has reported that it is true, the camera DOES add 10 pounds as she tells me Ellie looks a lot bigger on the blog than in person. She also reports that she checks in on Ellie (aka Blog Baby) every morning. So, I told her I'd give her a shout out!!

Nova also was thinking ahead for us and had me come back to the clothing department where she pointed out (and found the correct size) for a new onesie for Ellie. I think it will be a birthday present. The shirt says, "Hi! My name is Princess. What's yours?" HA!!! How perfect!! Photos are forthcoming. I think a more appropriate shirt would say, "Hi! My Name is Blog Baby. What's yours?" Great, great, great!!

And, stay tuned tomorrow for birthday updates for Blog Baby.


LaLa said... funny : ) I have a friend who has a shirt website and one of them says "Blog Star" Check it out..

She could wear it to see Nova next time LOL

Lori said...

Happy birthday from our Ellie to yours! We will be celebrating on the 31st!