Saturday, March 7, 2009



Going off task a little with this "E" letter, but I'll get back on task a little further down. I got to shop the worker's pre-sale on Thursday evening for the Encores and More North consignment sale. I will work FOREVER just to get to shop the worker sale from now on!!! It was so calm and peaceful shopping with only 50 or so people instead of 400-500 people. I got some great, great, great deals.

For working, I got a $50 gift certificate to use on Thursday, AND my "GIRLS" got me a gift card for my shower gift for Ellie. I had hoped to get some outdoor type toys for Ellie since most of what we had outside is gone now. I got her a Little Tykes Castle Swing and Slide which normally sells for around $145, for $20.

I got a Radio Flyer plastic style wagon which is normally around $120 for $16. Granted, it's a litlte bit faded, but who cares with those kinds of savings?

I got a Step 2 Buggy with a handle for $18, which retails for $45. Josh and Ellie have already broken it in well by "driving" around the living room and kitchen. I think Josh had more fun with it than Ellie.

I also got her a Little People Farm set with all the animals and accessories for $8, a small basketball goal and balls for $5, and a vacuum cleaner (pretend) whose eyes roll for $4. I got several cute outfits and some shoes and a few DVDS ($4 and $5 each) as well. I'll try to get some photos of the "goodies" soon.

The space they are having it in is a former Good*y's store and it was SO incredibly roomy and well organized. It was such a pleasure to shop there.

I'll try to get some cute photos posted soon. BUT, I'm tired and off to bed. Praying seriously that Ellie will sleep well in her crib tonight.

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Lori said...

Okay...this is the second time (where has time gone?) around for my knowledge of this fabulous sale of yours...I may have to make a road trip for next year's with deals like the ones you got!!!

Hope little girl feels better...and for all those who poohpooh for antibiotics...sadly we live in a world full of people who think they know more than the experts, and so they self-medicate themselves to the point that they create these superbugs and NOW things that NORMALLY wouldn't warrant antibiotics DO because so many high and mighty self-proclaimed Internet doctors have screwed it up for those of us who would rather not NEED antibiotics but are THANKFUL they exist.
Pshaw...that many days in a row with a fever and all the bloodwork pointing to infection? You are right. It was time!