Tuesday, March 10, 2009


There are times when I'm doing something so very simple with Ellie that my heart is flooded with sadness for the families still waiting to bring their babies home. The most recent was playing "eat your hand". One of Ellie's favorite things to do is inspect your mouth. She pokes those tiny hands into your mouth and then starts inspecting your teeth, touching them, pulling on them. Then, if you want a really good belly laugh from her, you can lightly close your mouth on her hand and do a little "growl" and she just cackles. You can do it over and over and over and she never tires of it. Every time she giggled like that on our last time, I thought of the babies who need to have those experiences with their families. If the people making the decisions about this process really cared about these children, they would let them go HOME. It breaks my heart. Truly.

Another moment I want to capture and need to try to get on video is Ellie and her sunglasses. Now, mind you, she doesn't want to WEAR them (of course not, right??), but if I put them on and say "Hollywoooooood" and make a face, she'll take them off my face and then SCRUNCH her face up in anticipation and I'll put them on her face and she'll look through them and rip them off her face. It's a riot!!

Lord, please, please, bring those babies home soon.

1 Chronicles 5:20
They cried out to God during the battle,
and he answered their prayer because they trusted in Him.

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Ann said...

Maria, I love reading about Ellie and her growing up. Thank you for your continued posts and prayers for support for the kids waiting. Oh how I wish the Kyrgyz Government could just think about the heartache, and the kids who are in the orphanages waiting.