Monday, March 16, 2009

Lawsy mercy, it's the letter L. Can you tell I'm from the South?
Let's see what this letter holds for us in describing J. and E.
Lovable, lazy (yes, sometimes!!), loving
It's only fair to point out the positive and sometimes negative right? Well, Josh and Ellie are both lovable little munchkins, but to be honest, sometimes Josh can be lazy. He really wants others to do things for him instead of doing for himself. I have often realized that Josh's "Love Language" (if you haven't read the Love Languages of Kids, do so if you have time), is acts of service. His tank gets filled if you do things for him (get me a drink, bring me the remote, take my shoes off -- I'm not kidding, he's asked that before!!). But, along the same lines, I think part of it is that he is lazy and doesn't want to do it himself. But, along the good line, he is a very loving guy. He loves Ellie so much (even when he calls her "that thing" -- his nickname for her -- I know that he loves her a whole lot!) and I know he loves us too.
Lovable, loud, little
How does anyone so little make such loud noises -- especially in the middle of the night? Ellie has reverted back to horrific sleeping habits again and both Kevin and I are feeling the loss of sleep again. Yes, she is still a little bit -- regardless of the fact that she eats all the time and is growing. She is probably right at 17 pounds now, but her official one year check up is in a couple of weeks so we'll know then. She just moved into 6 month clothes and some of them are still too big, especially the bottoms.

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