Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Consignment Update

I dropped my goodies off at the Encores and More North consignment sale today right after Ellie's doctor's appointment. Of course, "The Plan" was to drop them off and go do some work. HA! I was in such a tizzy leaving the house this morning that I left my memory card home. Since my work was way to far to "run home", I came home and just worked on paperwork.

BUT... I digress. I have NEVER seen so much stuff/goodies in my life. I almost went into cardiac arrest just from walking in the door. It was all I could do to not to beg to start shopping. *smile*

Stay tuned to see what kinds of goodies come home with me soon.

So, is everyone LOVING Amer*ican Id*ol this year? I love the new format this year. However, I'm ready to get to the "meat and bones" of the contest.

Josh has done nothing but lay around today. He continues to tell us he is "tired" but doesn't really have any other symptoms to speak of. Ellie, on the other hand, has been the most pitiful little thing today. She just moans and whines and lays over on you. She can't seem to get comfy, and every now and then the drainage is so bad that she gets choked. We are trying to keep her drinking and eating if she wants, but so far, her only concession is that she'll drink Powerade. Funny girl really likes to drink it out of the medicine cups you get with things like Nyquil. It's a riot!! I am NOT looking forward to tonight. I'm fairly certain neither Kevin nor I will get much sleep tonight. I'm thinking we should do "shifts". Oh, I hear her crying again. Gotta' run.

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Busy Mom said...

My 2 loved to drink from the sqeezy type you know with the bulb on the end and the tube that has the spoon shape on the end. When they were sick I could put juice in a glass and give them one of those and before long they had drank the juice...........and made a sticky mess.