Friday, March 20, 2009

Baseball Season Has Started

We had a month long break between basketball and baseball. I'm glad that Josh has a sport to get back into. He needs the activity. This year he is on the Mets' team. I've set up their blog (for anyone interested in following along).
Last night we had a scrimmage and Josh struck out once and got a double the second time. He is playing third base this year (we've come full circle now as he played third back when he was in Pleasant View). He seems to like his team, although I've noticed it takes a team a while to "mesh" into a team. And sadly, sometimes they just don't. I'm hopeful that this team will.
Josh has apparently had a growth spurt as he is now taller than one of his friends that was taller than him just a little while back. The pants seem to be getting shorter too. Thank goodness it's almost "shorts all the time" weather.

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