Sunday, May 24, 2009

Crazy Eights -- Tagged

My friend Diane, has tagged me in a game of Crazy Eights.

8 Things I'm Looking Forward To:
Financial freedom
Grandchildren (ahhh... paybacks!!)
My 50th anniversary (will we live that long???)
Ellie's first trip to Disneyworld -- I still remember Josh's trips, how sweet...
Meeting up with Allison, Rachel, Johnda and any other Kyrgz friends this summer
Tomorrow (and many more of them!!)
Watching my kids grow up (but not too quickly)

8 Things I Did Yesterday:
Entered jobs on the computer (this took the majority of my day)
Played with Ellie
Watched Josh rebuilding his "fort"
Slept late (ahhhh....)
Helped Kevin re-arrange the living room
Started reading a new book (finished it today -- a miracle!!)
Ate too many Krispy Kreme donuts
Updated my blog and accepted new friends on Facebook

8 Things I Wish I Could Do:
Be out of debt and not have to work any more
Go to Europe and spent a month or two traveling around
Make a difference every day
Make my husband and kids feel happy and loved -- every day
Be on the Amazing Race
Have my kitty Punch back
Bring home the 65 kids waiting in Kyrgyzstan
Go on a mission trip

8 Shows I Watch
The Amazing Race
The Young and the Restless
Sesame Street (yeah, I know ...)
Big Brother
Good Times (when I can)
Sanford and Sons (when I can)

And, I'm not sure how many I'm supposed to tag but I'll go with the eight theory and tag:

1. Mayme at McGowan Moments
2. Rachel at Bringing Home Baby Girl
3. Amanda at Casa de Barrios
4. Laura at Ladybugs and Dragonflies
5. Kim at The Stanke's New Journey
6. Jennifer at Our Family
7. Elizabeth at Our Adoption Journey
8. Kimberly at Hoping for Hannah

Be sure to let me know when you do the post so I can read it. Tag eight more friends when you are done. Have fun!!


Khakismum said...

WOW! We did have a lot of similar answers! Thanks for playing along! :-)

The Barrios Family said...

I finally did it! Check it out!