Saturday, May 23, 2009

Goodwill Finds

Yesterday I stopped by Goodwill for a little bit during the day because I wanted to see if they had any t-shirts in good condition. Josh is going to 4-H camp and I didn't want to spend retail on shirts that he'll likely destroy during a week at camp or during the summer. Just last week while working on his "fort", he ruined three t-shirts, a pair of sweat pants and two pair of shorts by getting paint all over them. I didn't know this until I started to do laundry. We've since had some rules about painting wearing good clothes. Now, he can paint wearing already ruined by paint clothes.

Anyway, I digress. I went in and browsed through all the t-shirts and came away with 9 for Josh and 2 for Kevin. I racked up with a Nike tee, two UK tees (one still had the tags on it), a Polo/Ralph Lauren tee, an Abercrombie, an American Eagle, an Eddie Bauer, two Titans and a baseball and skateboarding tee. All of them looked hardly worn. They were originally $2.49 each, but with my Smart Card discount, I got 11 shirts for $20. I couldn't have bought the American Eagle tee for that.

I also found a pair of Liz Claiborne shoes for me, still with the plastic inserts and paper in the toes (aka - NEW) for $5.99. With my discount, I got them for $4.79.

I was pleased with my deals!!

If I'd had more time, I would have browsed more, but, I had to work.


Monica said...

Yep I love Goodwill. I always go there when the kids need clothing for a costume and walk out with REAL clothes for our family as well! Sounds like you found some great things!

Monica said...

oh and I wanted to add that at the one near ours after the transaction the checkout person always say "thanks for helping our mission" and that feels SO nice! :)

Khakismum said...

Gotta love Goodwill finds! They are awesome! I used to outfit Kathryn for two weeks of sleep away camp every year from Goodwill, like you if she destroyed those clothes, no biggie. You got some great deals!

Oh, and.....TAG! you're it! I've tagged you in a bloggers tag game. Go here to read it and play along. :-)