Monday, May 18, 2009

Now THIS is a First ...

I've been inspecting houses for about six years now. What happened today was a first.
I pulled up to a house and there was a dog on the back deck. As is normal for me, I wait a bit to see if they are going to come out barking. Then I get out slowly, talking to them. I can tell pretty quickly what the temperment of a dog is. It's a skill you have to learn quickly when you do what I do. This dog was obviously a puppy (albeit a large one) and he was terribly excited to come over to "meet" me. In fact, he jumped right up on me and planted his paws on my shoulders.

Right after I got him off me, I realized my pants were wet. Yes, looking down at the ground, he had gotten so excited, he peed all over me. JOY!!! I was over an hour from home and had to just endure peed on pants until I got home. Definitely a first -- and hopefully, a last.

Here he is looking remorseful -- yeah, right!!

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Mayme said...

Too Funny!