Tuesday, May 5, 2009


I'm exhausted from triple couponing at Harris Teeter and Kroger. I have "tripled" so much I'm literally OUT of coupons that will triple that I want to use. And, my cabinets, refrigerators (I have two) and freezer are screaming too. I've told Kevin I am DONE until triples roll around again. We have enough food, except milk and produce, to do us a long, long time.

Some of my better deals during triples week were:

  • Betty Crocker Warm Delights: $1.89 (Kroger), $.50/coupon tripled, final cost: $.39 (we now have 12)
  • Betty Crocker Muffin Mix (box): $1.73 (Kroger-clearance), $.40 coupon/tripled, final cost: $.53 box. We had five boxes. I made some for tomorrow and have one in a give-away bag
  • Skintimates Shaving Cream: $2.38 (Kroger), $.75 coupon tripled, $.13. We have five. I can't shave that much, so one of those is in the giveaway bag.
  • Viva Papertowels, $2.49 (both places), $.60 coupon tripled, final cost $.69. I got six.
  • No Yolk Noodles - Free
  • French's Mustard (honey, spicy brown, honey dijon -- you name it) - Free -- we have four (and one in the giveaway bag)
  • Hormel Meals (can't think of what they are really called): Free -- four
  • Red Baron Pizza Singles - $3.33 (Kroger), $.75 coupon tripled, $1.08. We have four or five, I think
  • Rhodes dinner rolls - three packs - Free

It was a good week. If you are interested in learning how to "coupon", feel free to email me so I can share how to save this kind of money too!! Food tastes better when it's free or really, really inexpensive!!

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Lori said...

Okay...question...when you say you got 5 or 6 of something...do you have 5 or 6 coupons for them? If so, do you get that many Sunday papers?

We have neither Kroger or Harris Teeter anywhere near. Heck, I'm lucky that Giant and Shopper's even take coupons!

BUT--I did get $10 Extracash bucks or whatever they are at CVS today! For stuff we use, too! We have a few to last us, but that's ok because we got them at a great price! Woohoo! I'm getting there...