Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Working Boy

Josh has just amazed me at his ability to "build". Now, I've known since he was small that his strongest abilities lay in hands-on things. From the time he was little he was building dams to divert water -- things a child his age shouldn't have been able to comprehend, let alone do. Now, he has decided to build him a "fort" for the ditch where the kids play. He took lots of scrap lumber we had from shelves we took down and he has taken them apart, sawed them, hammered them, painted them and continues to build on our back deck. He has no plan to go by, pretty much no help (although DeeDee helped him saw on Mother's Day and Kevin has helped him hammer some) and has come up with this all by himself. He is still working on it, so I don't have a photo of the finished product, but I will soon. Here are some of him in process. I am so amazed by this boy. I can't imagine what his future holds, but I know it will be really cool to watch!

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