Tuesday, May 5, 2009


I'd like to be more clever than just a title called "Tuesday", but ... I'm not. :-)

I haven't posted any new photos of Ellie or Josh in almost two weeks. I pick up the "Mother's Day Gifts" (sssshhhhh... don't tell the moms!!) of Josh and Ellie's photos on Thursday and I'll scan and post them soon. I don't think my mom will care if she sees them here first -- just that she gets them!!

The shot Ellie got last week, combined with a new round of antibiotics seems to be doing the trick for her and she is back to her "old" self. She is talking up a storm, trying very, very hard to walk and getting more and more active every day.

She has taken a few unassisted steps from one of us to the other and she will stand much longer by herself now. I suspect we are right around the corner from her taking off on her own.

Her newest fun thing to do is to throw and roll the ball to you. She thinks this is hilarious to do. I think she's watched Josh play ball so long already that she thinks that's what you are supposed to do!! She rares back her arm and just heaves the ball to you and then just cackles. If you roll it back to her and it goes past her, all you have to do is tell her to go get it and she's off like a light to get it and roll it back -- laughing the whole time.

She has learned where every one's nose is and that if you push it, sometimes it goes, "Beep Beep". Her daddy entertains her this way a lot. Now, if you ask her where your nose is, she puts her finger out and pushes your nose. FUNNY!!!

She is also sleeping MUCH BETTER now that we think her ears are clearing up. Her regular schedule now seems to be down around 9 p.m., bottle around 1:30 and sleeps until about 7:15. I'm ok with that. I think she'll eventually cut out her middle of the night bottle, but she is still small, so she just might need it to go 10 hours.

Josh had a field trip today to the local dam. The kids who got all their A/R reading points all year long got this as a reward. They grilled out hamburgers and hot dogs and got to play all day. He said he had a lot of fun. I'm glad it was dry for them today because it has been raining a ton here lately. Many of his baseball games have been rained out. We are hopeful to play again on Thursday.

I'm looking forward to Mother's Day. Kevin and I decided we wanted to cook for our moms this year instead of going out to eat. First off, we have all this FOOD in our house (remember, triple coupons!!) and with Ellie, it's becoming a bit more challenging to go out to eat -- not impossible, just challenging. This way, we can come home and she can eat and play and if she gets tired she can nap. We will have just finished her dedication at church too, so I'll want to change her before she eats. I'm looking forward to cooking -- I was so busy at Easter I didn't get to this year and I missed it.

And, that's about all that's new at our house. Boring, I think, but good.

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