Monday, May 25, 2009

Happy Memorial Day

I hope everyone had a great weekend celebrating Memorial Day and remembering those who have given their lives for our freedom.

We didn't do anything very special this year. Josh went to a birthday/swimming party today and Ellie and I went to Wallyworld to get Josh's annual slip and slide and Ellie a blow up pool. We have a pool, but it's not ready yet and Ellie is so small I thought she'd enjoy something more her size.

I realized we've been home now for 7 months with Ellie (as of yesterday), and she will be 14 months old this week. Time flies when you are home compared to the wait on the other side of the process.

Some funny new things Ellie is doing: putting her hand up to her ear like a phone and talking to it; pointing to the dogs and going, "GOGGY", babbling ALL the time, wanting to cuddle and lay on top of you or beside you while watching TV, "reading" her books (all the time), doing the hand motions to the "Itsy Bitsy Spider", taking a few steps by herself (I'm certain she could walk, but remind myself that she was two months premature, so her adjusted age is only 11 months -- I expect serious walking soon - oy!!), climbing the steps, climbing up on the couch (climbing on EVERYTHING!!), backing down off steps and the couch, petting the dogs and cats very gently, holding her hands out to everyone so she can move from person to person (the girl has more energy that the energizer bunny I promise!!), and still being such a drama queen.

Here are some pix from today ...

Here she looks demure, sweet and innocent -- don't let the look fool you; there is drama shortly ahead...

See!!! This is not her saying, "Cheese", I assure you. She wanted OUT of her highchair.
The hairbows stayed in longer than I thought -- through the trip to Wallyworld. But, in typical Ellie form, she took one out as soon as I wasn't looking.
Then, we were on to the bathing suit photos. This is my FAVORITE. Marilyn Monroe has nothing on this bathing beauty. Check out the shades and the wave ...

"I was just thinking that a lovely sunbathing hat to match my suit and glasses would be appropriate, Mother" - ha! (check out the hair sticking out!!)
Then it was on to her blow up pool. Now, THAT was exciting! She LOVED putting her hands in and splashing (I'm guessing she thought it was a huge dog water bowl or something).

But, as soon as she climbed in, she wasn't quite so enamored with it. I think it might have been too cold.

She stood there for a second ....

And promptly climbed back out.
I did manage to get her to stick her toes back in when I put mine in with her.

After Josh got home from the swimming party, he immediately hooked up the slip and slide (on a hill no less) and got busy ...

Is he posing here???
No, the water doesn't smell -- he's trying to drink it.

On the way down the slide...

Oops! Too fast down the hill and no way to stop! Funny!!!

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