Saturday, May 16, 2009

Water Fun!!

It was 80+ degrees here yesterday and Josh was again working on his "fort" (more photos of the finished product to come -- maybe tomorrow) and was getting pretty hot. Ellie and I were in the yard, she crawling, me just sitting and resting, when Josh came up and said, "Can I go put on my swim trunks and put on Ellie's bathing suit and you could spray us with the hose pipe?" Too many times in his life I have to (or choose to, I suppose) say no, so this seemed like a nice time to get to say yes. I thought of several reasons why I shouldn't (Ellie might get too cold, it would make a muddy mess in the yard, blah, blah), but it actually sounded like it might be fun!

So we went in, got them changed and headed out for the water hose. At first Ellie wasn't too sure about it, but when I turned the hose on the "mist" setting, she really liked it. She didn't really like the water dripping from her hair into her eyes (much like her mama). She cackled laughing when Josh would sling water from his hair on her or wring his shirt out on her. It didn't take long though before she got tired, rubbing her eyes and ready for her afternoon 45 minute siesta.

Here are some cutie pix from yesterday.


Margaret and Tom said...

What a cute little bathing beauty! Josh is just such a great big brother!

Jackie said...

That last one...awwwe :)

Lori said...

I love the one with Ellie sitting in his sweet!