Friday, May 29, 2009

Josh's Golf Disappointment

Yesterday, Josh went to try out for the middle school golf team.

While most parents are very quick to point out their children's successes, it's hard to challenging to share when your children are not as successful in obtaining their dreams. However, when Josh looks back in life I want him to understand that just because he didn't get what he wanted all the time, it wasn't a life altering event. I want him to see the disappointments in perspective to all the good that is in his life. But, on the other hand, I want him to realize that in life there will be disappointments -- sometimes many, and most bigger than this one.

So, Josh went to try out for the middle school golf team. We sort of thought that if you tried out, you made it. At least that's the way it was last year. This year, however, there were 14 kids who were trying out so it was based on skill levels and not just "showing up". There were 5 girls who showed up too, and we think the school is starting a girl's team. That's good news for the girls! But, after spendingi 2.5 hours there, we found out this morning that Josh didn't make the team. She only added two incoming sixth graders to the team.

Josh took it well and didn't seem very upset (on the outside). We did tell him we would check into the free lessons for kids at our local golf course. He seemed excited about this.

It really hurt to find out he didn't make it and to have to tell him. Being a parent in these situations really stinks. You want your children to be successful and happy, and it's just hard at those times when you realize that they aren't always going to be.

Ah... parenting, hard work!

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Mayme said...

I'm so sorry he didn't make the team. Tell him to hang in there and try again next year. I agree, this parenting gig is SO hard.