Sunday, May 3, 2009

Happy Photos

Here's a few happy photos from last week. Some of them don't make me so happy as you will see.

I'm driving down the road and see this in front of me. I'm wondering what exactly it is.

As he passes I see it's some sort of plane that apparently caught fire and burned down to the frame. I can't IMAGINE wanting to get in one of these things:

At one house some birds fluttered off from a bush and scared me. As I looked down I saw this:

I looked and looked all around for the nest and couldn't find it. Here's where the birds went and what they were doing. Isn't this sad???

The nest ended up being in the eave of this house (which was vacant) and so I'm sure this little egg/birdie didn't make it. How sad that the parents were trying so hard to figure how to get that egg back in the nest. I think there's probably a good analogy in there somewhere. It just made me sad.

This is Marble. I don't know her real name but she was very friendly with me at this house and even posed at her scratching tree for me to take her photo. I called her marble because she reminded me of a marble cake.

This is SAL. The owner said that stands for "S**s a Lot". *sigh* Apparently, Sal laid an egg one day and is now Sally. She was fun and loud. When her owner covers her up she says, "I'm a good bird" over and over. Weird.

I felt like the name under "Otay Street" should have been "Buckwheat Street", but, who am I to say?

I came upon this lovely village on Monday or Tuesday. Imagine my surprise when I read this week that Andrea and her family went there recently on an adventure for C's birthday!! Where else but in Kentucky??

And that's it for this week!! Enjoy.

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Mom to 2 Angels said...

It's hilarious that you were there right before us. How random!