Saturday, May 9, 2009


It seems like I've got a couple of Hollywood stars living in my house this days from the looks of this photo -- what do you think? I "found" another tub of clothes and stuff we got before Ellie came home that were all her current size and as we were going through them, we found these glasses. Just a month ago, she wouldn't keep glasses on, but now, she was a little more accepting of having them on for a little while. I told Josh to grab his glasses and I'd get a picture of them. Crazy hair is courtesy of "piggy tails" earlier in the day that she ripped out of her hair.

Then, "Little Miss Thang" decided to pose some for a few more pix:

But, finally, the stress of all the attention got to her and she gave me the look and action I'm becoming more familiar with -- a hissy, taking off her headband, tossing down her glasses and trying to climb up my leg to get me to hold her. Look at that pout.


Jackie said...

LOVE these cute pix of your little movie star. Don't cha love it when they wear their shades???

multimom said...

Those shades are so cute! Isn't it great when they will finally keep something on their heads and faces? Bethany used to take everything off of her face, head, feet, etc., but I'm finally able to get her to keep on her pink sunhat. Her grin reminded me of the one of Ellie looking up! Ellie certainly is stylin', so precious....and I just love the ones of Ellie and Josh together!