Wednesday, May 27, 2009

I "Heart" Goodwill

It's my new favorite obsession place. Yesterday I stopped at the Hendersonville Goodwill and found an original Ka*te Spa*de purse (from 2000, I looked it up) for $1.49. HA! Of course, it didn't matter because I liked it no matter what name it had on it.

Today, I stopped at the one in Springfield and got Ellie a VCR (we have tons of kids movies with nothing to play them on) for $5.99 and TA-DA, it works! It even came with a remote AND, best of all, the battery in it worked. HA!! I'm having great luck at Goodwill!!
Oh, and an added note: Josh has been out of school two days -- yes, two days and this is what I heard today, "I wish I were back at school. There is nothing to do here. I'm bored." *sigh*\


Written By Mary said...

I just went in to the Goodwill store near us and found it to be very nice. Very orderly, etc. I found some pants there for $5.00. BARGIN! There were a few more things but I didn't need them. Tell Josh...he has the whole summer ahead of him. :) Have a great summer. No news on either adoption. Still waiting. :(

Mayme said...

Totally love GW! It's one of my favorite places and yet I have not set foot in one since baby girl came along. Too busy!

Jenn Fitz said...

You need to google tn goodwill and print their monthly calendar they have GREAT sales. That is where I get John's jeans every year. Springfield and Hendersonville are GREAT. Rivergate, I would rate a B-/C STAY AWAY from the ones in Nashville(Madison, Charlotte Pike) they are AWFUL !!