Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Mother's Day and Ellie's Dedication

I'm WAY PAST DUE on this post, but Kevin is finally home and I can do something other than hold sweet Ellie. She is feeling much better and has slept better and ate better the last few days. Today is day 5, so I suspect we are at the end of this round. Hopefully, she can have a good long run of good health for a while now.

On to the fun...
Mother's Day was wonderful. We had Ellie's dedication at church and despite being sick, she was a really good (albeit wiggly) baby. MeeMee and DeeDee had her dress made for the day, and she was just beautiful. It was a sweet ceremony and such a wonderful time to be at church celebrating the One who gave her to us.

And here are some "close-ups" of her trying on her dress the day before. Josh would ask you to ignore him in these. *smile* He was our "make sure she doesn't fall" guy.

One shoe on; one shoe off

This dress and hat reminded me so much of the kids we saw in Flamingo Park while we were in Kyrgyzstan. I remember taking pictures of them wearing their little crocheted hats. Here is one of them. I kept thinking how excited I was to bring Ellie home and have a little hat like that for her. And, here we are.

The day before Mother's Day, we went to visit Grandmother at her Mother's Day Social at the nursing home. We had a nice time there as well. Ellie had already begun to feel poorly though and I hope she didn't share her "love" with Grandmother. I don't think so as I haven't heard any reports that she is feeling poorly. My understanding is that this is primarily a "little kids" issue and that most adults have already had it, therefore developing immunity to it. They took a wonderful picture of all of us together so when I get it, I'll post it here. I think it's the first picture we've had of all four of us (Grandmother, Mama, Me and Ellie) together so I'm excited to get it.

MeeMee and Ellie

Grandmother opening her gifts

Nana and Ellie


multimom said...

That dress is absolutely beautiful! I have never seen anything like it. Ellie looked like a princess in it, and it is so fitting for such a special day!


Anonymous said...

So sweet! She looks just like a doll! Glad she is feeling better!